Sales Has Evolved.

What Students are saying

'I've been using your sales content for 9 days and have already closed $36,000 of business. I get to keep all of that! Amazing content.'

C. Hollis

My sales at my current job increased 400% just this month alone. I sold 5X more in the last few weeks than I did all last quarter.

M. Garcia

Our company made over $40,000 the first month and well over $500,000 in sales since working with Jordan.

J. Jones

I hit my goal! I 2X'ed my activations, 3X'ed my accessories and 4X'ed my tablet sales. I'm #1 in my district now!!

E. Rosario

This was the best month I have ever had since I started working in sales and it thanks to Stupar Sales Academy. The courses are mind blowing and I am learning sales on a whole new level. 

C. Hauser